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What is Extreme Ultra Fuel Liquid Food


Perfect for people who need a Compact, Low weight, High Energy  meal

with the minimum of effort and preparation time. 

100g in each sachet  is 450 Kcal

58g of Carbohydrate

20g Protein

33% of the Recommended  Daily Allowance of Vitamnins & minerals 


Add 300 ml of water (approx.) to the pouch, shake and drink,

You have a meal prepared in 30 seconds.


It is a high energy, low weight and very compact liquid food with added vitamins and minerals.                                                    

It is convenient to prepare and consume, even on the go.
When you need to eat or take in calories quickly with the minimum of hassle, or in a situation where it is difficult to make a conventional meal, or maybe you just don’t want to stop long enough to prepare a meal, you will find Extreme Adventure Food ULTRA FUEL the perfect alternative.

It is a balanced high energy meal with mixed chain carbohydrates, amino-acids,
vitamins and medium-chain triglycerides that are absorbed within minutes.

Conventional food can take around 35 minutes to absorb,

Extreme Ultra Fuel takes around 6 minutes.

The ingredients are commonly found in conventional meals.
However, unlike conventional foods, these nutrients do not first have to be broken
down in the stomach, but are assimilated directly.

Extreme Adventure Foods ULTRA FUEL, tastes great and provides fast and long lasting energy.
It comes as a powder in 100 gram servings in a stand-up pouch.
Just add water, mix or shake and simply drink from the pouch.

Available flavours: Vanilla, chocolate, Banana, Strawberry and a Liquid cereal Breakfast version

Also available in a creamy HOT CHOCOLATE, which of course takes longer to prepare, makes a fantastic and quick acting Hot recovery drink / meal in cold conditions. 

Also available in 750 g tubs from our website

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