Menu 9 ( Meaty ) - NOW 2550 Kcal

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    Now upgraded from 2400 Kcal to 2550 Kcal 

    600 Kcal Porridge & Strawberries

    600 Kcal Chilli Con Carne

    600 Kcal Chocolate Chip Dessert

    High Energy  Flapjack

    Fruity Energy Drink  

    Hot Chocolate Drink 


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A Lightweight, Compact and High Energy Freeze-Dried Ration Pack

Just add Hot Water and enjoy.

The Pack N Go 600 Kcal  meals can  be eaten directly from the pack ( no plate needed ) great with our 

Long Handled and Reuseable Spork, you can see that HERE

( Spork is 70% Potato Starch )


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