Menu 8 ( Meaty ) - NOW 2550 Kcal

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    Now upgraded from 2400 Kcal to 2550 kcal

    600 Kcal Hot Cereal Start

    600 Kcal  Chicken and Vegetable Pasta

    600 Kcal Custard with Apple Pieces

    High Energy  Flapjack

    Flavoured Energy Drink 

    Hot Chocolate Drink

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A Lightweight, Compact and High Energy Freeze-Dried Ration Pack

Just add Hot Water and enjoy.

The Pack N Go 600 Kcal  meals can  be eaten directly from the pack ( no plate needed ) great with our 

Long Handled and Reuseable Spork, you can see that HERE

( Spork is 70% Potato Starch )


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