Extreme Lightweight Multi Day Liquid Food Pack

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      Super Lightweight Ultra Fuel Liquid Food Pack

      No Cooker or Hot water required

      Suitable for multi stage 250km events **

      Total Weight 2.65 Kg 

      Total Kcal 11,688

      Supplied & Packed into Box 

      Consisting of :

      Ultra Fuel Liquid Food 

      4:1 endurance Fuel 

      ** See notes in Description Below 


    • Description

      The pack consists of 5 different flavours of Ultra Fuel Liquid Food 

      See Notes below about Extreme Ultra Fuel Liquid Food & 4:1 Endurance Fuel 

      It does NOT include anything for Breakfast on the first day as that does not need to be carried and can be anything you like 

      It does NOT  include afternoon or evening on the last day, as it is a short day, and most will be finished by early afternoon

      It is expected that you will supplement with your favourite snacks & treats to meet the Event organisers rules and regulations 

      Day 1              is 2 x Ultra Fuel, 2 x Endurance Fuel   1734 Kcal

      Day 2              is 3 x Ultra Fuel, 2 x Endurance Fuel.  1734 Kcal

      Day 3              is 3 x Ultra Fuel, 2 x Endurance Fuel   1734 Kcal

      Day 4 & 5        is 7 x Ultra Fuel, 5 x Endurance Fuel  4110 Kcal

      Day 6              is 3 x Ultra Fuel, 2 x Endurance Fuel   1734 Kcal

      Day 7              is 1 x Ultra Fuel, 1 x Endurance fuel    642 Kcal

      Total                                                                             11,188.00 Kcal



      Comes in 100g sachets which are 450Kcal, 58g of Carbohyrate, 20g protein

      High Energy, Low Weight and very compact

      Each 100g has 33% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamins & Minerals

      Ultra Fuel is a slow release high quality energy that starts to take effect after around 6 minutes** compared to the normal 35 minutes** that other food and energy bars take

      ** These times can vary from person to person  


      Much more than just an Energy Drink or Electrolyte drink, Endurance Fuel is a High Quality drink that has Carbohydrates, electrolytes and protein. 

      Not many drinks with this combination, and Endurance fuel has higher levels of protein than any other that we have seen *( there are not many) 

      Perfect for Endurance activities, and also makes a great Recovery drink



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