Emergency Pack Vegetarian

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Suitable for Vegetarians
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    Every year, thousands of people get stuck in a car for hours, or lose power in the house, or get stuck outside Our Emergency pack. provides you with a hot meal, warmth, light and energy to keep you going, without having to rely on any cooker. Keep our emergency pack in your car, backpack or house, and ensure you have a hot meal, a drink, energy, and light to keep you going. Pack Consists of : 1. Ready to eat meal with a flameless cooker, a safe and easy way to have a hot meal, without electric, gas or flames of any type, safe to use in your car. 2. Plastic spoon for eating your meal 3. Light sticks x 2, simply bend to activate. No batteries or electric needed, provides enough light to see, and can also be used to let people see you, each stick lasts up to 8 hours 4. Emergency blanket ( lightweight silver foil type ) wraps around you, helps keep your body heat in, and reflects your body heat back to you. 5. Water bottle ( you will need to fill it with water) ensures you have a drink when you are stuck. 6. Orange flavoured energy drink, bfuel, add this to your bottle of water to keep you hydrated and keep your energy levels high. 7. 2 x Energy bar to help keep you going.

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