Emergency Pack Meaty

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    Every year, thousands of people get stuck in a car for hours, or lose power in the house, or get stuck outside Our Emergency pack. provides you with a hot meal, warmth, light and energy to keep you going, without having to rely on a stove Keep our emergency pack in your car, backpack or house, and ensure you have a hot meal, a drink, energy, and light to keep you going. Pack Consists of : 1. Ready to eat meal with a flameless cooker, a safe and easy way to have a hot meal, without electric, gas or flames of any type, safe to use in your car. 2. Plastic spoon for eating your meal 3. Light sticks x 2, simply bend to activate. No batteries or electric needed, provides enough light to see, and can also be used to let people see you, each stick lasts up to 8 hours 4. Emergency blanket ( lightweight silver foil type ) wraps around you, helps keep your body heat in, and reflects your body heat back to you. 5. Water bottle ( you will need to fill it with water) ensures you have a drink when you are stuck. 6. Orange flavoured energy and protein drink, add this to your bottl;e of water to keep you hydrated and keep your energy levels high. 7. 2 x Energy bars to help keep you going.

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