Ultra Marathon Pack


Mohammad Ahansal has won the Marathon des Sables 6 times, the Fire and Ice Ultra in Iceland once, and has won many other Ultra races. He knows what it takes to get through these tough endurance races and what nutrition is needed. That’s why he’s worked with us to develop the AHANSAL Multi Stage Desert Food & Nutrition Pack, which includes all your food and recovery drinks for a 7 day race.

Since Ultra’s are physically demanding, it’s important to keep yourself nourished, while carrying the least amount of weight while competing. Extreme Adventure foods are a higher energy, lower weight version, of the popular Freeze dried foods market. Not only are many packs lower weight, but many of the Extreme range take up less space, for example you can get 5 extreme Spaghetti Bolognese, into the space of around 3 packs from our competitors, for similar weights and Energy. If you will be carrying all your supplies in a backpack, this means less weight and more space in your pack for other essentials.

Let us take out the food planning aspect of your race so you can focus more on training. Grab the Ahansal pack and you’ll be sorted. You can find the full list of included packs and purchase them here