Ski to the Edge – A 500+ Mile Ski Expedition

This February, Ski to the Edge plan to complete a 500+ mile ski expedition across Northern Canada’s wilderness from Mayo to Fort Good Hope, in the Arctic Circle.

During the expedition the team will be using our expedition food, the low weight and high calories is ideal for an expedition where adventurers need to carry their own food and still get the nutrients they need.

The Ski to the Edge team have embarked on and completed numerous tough challenges before. Many of these have been human powered expeditions requiring their combined skills of mountaineering, skiing and survival.

The Ski to the Edge Project and 500+ mile route through the Mckensie Mountain Range will push the team to the limit of their endurance for kit and physical exertion. At the average temperature ranges experienced during winter the team will consumer over 6,000 calories a day and will still lose weight.


“A small team will re-trace the route of Alex Van Biber’s historic expedition covering as much of the orginal route as possible. They will then continue onwards to finish at the Fort Good Hope, inside the Arctic Circle. (This area has recently featured in the TV show’s Ice Road Truckers).  In an age where climbing Everest has become a commercial activity and there are polar races this project offers something historic and yet epic, operating at the edge of man’s limits for endurance, survival and testing the team and the kit .” (Excerpt from The Ski to the Edge Project)


For the full project logistics and trip details, visit the Ski to the Edge Project’s website.