New Extreme Lightweight Multi Day Liquid Food Pack

We’ve recently added a new 250 km multi day pack, our Lightweight Liquid Food pack. These are perfect for multistage races or expeditions where you need to carry all of your food with you.

In the pack is our best selling Liqid food Ultra Fuel and Extreme 4:1 Energy, Endurance, Electrolyte and protein recovery drink. These slowly release high quality energy that starts to take effect after around 6 minutes compared to the normal 35 minutes that other food and energy bars take.

The pack does not include anything for Breakfast on the first day as that does not need to be carried and can be anything you like and does not include afternoon or evening on the last day, as it is a short day, and most will be finished by early afternoon. It is expected that you will supplement with your favourite snacks & treats to meet the Event oranisers rules and regulations.

How we recommend using them are:

  • Day 1              is 2 x Ultra Fuel, 2 x Endurance Fuel
  • Day 2              is 3 x Ultra Fuel, 2 x Endurance Fuel
  • Day 3              is 3 x Ultra Fuel, 2 x Endurance Fuel
  • Day 4 & 5        is 7 x Ultra Fuel, 5 x Endurance Fuel
  • Day 6              is 3 x Ultra Fuel, 2 x Endurance Fuel
  • Day 7              is 1 x Ultra Fuel, 1 x Endurance fuel

Of course you can use any combination you would like, as well as any other food items you bring along. Pack prices are £99.99, saving £20 as opposed to if you were to order individually.

If you need any help with your race or expedition nutrition, our expert staff are always on hand to help.