Meet Newall Hunter – Engineer Turned Explorer

(Photo from North Pole Photo Album)

Newall Hunter is an extreme adventurer from Scotland who has climbed 7 of the worlds highest mountains, of which only 15 people including Newall have accomplished.

He wanted to climb one of the highest mountains but thought he should have some practice first, so started with Aconcagua in South America, at 6,961m. The other few climbers he was with got altitude sickness so he carried on without them and made it all the way to the summit.

You can read more about Hunter and his life leading to adventure on the Red Bull website where they did an excellent profile of him.

Now Newall is ready for his next adventure starting the beginning of September, and he is taking Extreme Adventure Food packs along with him.

Its a two part exped this time. A one month cycle recce, and then a
three month solo unsupported trek. It is a world first.

He is taking Extreme Adventure food as he can take the lowest weight packaging that is still tough enough for shipping and dragging in a pulk/cart.

Newall has used the Ultra Fuel liquid food before on past expeditions, and really understands how useful it is, especially the Hot Chocolate version in cold conditions.

The food he plans to take for this three month expedition is outlined below:

First one is the Recce – at the beginning of September 

Porridge & Strawberries 10
Porridge & Maple Sysup 10
Healthy Fruit Muesli 10
Porridge with Sultanas 10
Hot Cereal Start 10

1000Kcal Expedition Mains
Beef Shepherds Pie 6
Chicken & Vegetables Pasta 6
Chicken tikka masala 4
Mexican Chilli Con Carne 6
Chicken Korma 4
Moroccan Chicken Couscous 6
Spagetti Bolognese 6
Spaghetti Carbonara 6
Thai Chicken and Rice 6

ULTRA FUEL Hot Chocolate 30

Second block is the Exped – Leaving late October

Porridge & Strawberries 17
Porridge & Maple Sysup 17
Healthy Fruit Muesli 17
Porridge with Sultanas 17
Hot Cereal Start 17

Beef Shepherds Pie 26
Chicken & Vegetables Pasta 24
Mexican Chilli Con Carne 24
Moroccan Chicken Couscous 24
Spagetti Bolognese 24
Spaghetti Carbonara 24
Thai Chicken and Rice 24

Chocolate Cip Dessert 25
Rice Pudding & Cinnamon 12
Strawberries & Custard 12
Apple & Rice Pudding 12
Apple and Custard 12
Rice Pudding & Cinnamon 12

ULTRA FUEL Hot Chocolate 255

We look forward to following along with Newall’s adventures! If you want to follow along too, you can follow his Twitter or Instagram accounts where he is currently posting photos from a cycle trip across Poland. You can also visit his website to keep up with current and past adventures.