Self Heating Food packs

bewellhotpack (1)We supply a complete Self Heating meal in a Hot Pack

It comes with :

1. A flameless heater envelope
2. One meal from the large range available
3. A water sachet

How to make a Hot Meal :

Tear off the top of the Flameless heater envelope.

Place the pouched meal of your choice in the envelopeĀ (take care not to cause the heater pad to fold over).

Add the water sachet provided with your Hot PackĀ (it is possible to use your own water, but in a very small number of circumstances it may reduce the power of the heater).

Fold over the flap of the heater, and place on the ground, or a flat surface, that will not be efected by any heat.

Leave to stand for around 10 to 12 minutes.

Remove the pouch from the envelope, tear open the top and enjoy your hot meal.

How does it work :

Adding the water to the heater pad creates a exothermic reaction, resulting in the creation of heat and steam within the pack.