Extreme Food for Extreme Adventures

extmainAs not everyone has the same needs when it comes to their adventure food, we want everyone to be able to tailor a nutrition plan that’s right for them and their activities. This is why our freeze dried breakfasts, desserts, vegetarian and meaty main meals all come in sizes ranging from 125g and 180g meaning you can mix and match different meals to get the right amount of weight in your packs as well as the right amount of calories.

For bigger appetites or those needing more energy to fuel their adventures, we stock 800kcal  extreme breakfasts, vegetarian and meaty main meals. We also stock 1000kcal main meals for those needing even more energy.

You can fit more in your pack as well since we aim to make our food the lowest weight and most compact size available! For snacks in-between meals we stock Chia Charge flapjacks and Cliff natural energy bars, meaning we are your one stop shop for adventure nutrition!