Completing the Kungsleden Trail in Sweden

Image copyright Scott Gilmour

Scott Gilmour recently completed the Kungsleden expedition, which was approximately 450km. The team started the route at the Northern end of Abisko and terminated in Hemavan. Scott was the only member of the team to complete the whole route.

They had very mixed conditions throughout the expedition, some nights it was as low as -35c, while some days they skied through energy sapping thigh deep snow.

He took some of our 1,000kcal food packs, Ultra Fuel and more on their trip to keep them going and had this to say-

‘During my 2017 Kungsleden Expedition I was very pleased to have the 1000kcal, Ultra Fuel and 4:1 Endurance Fuel available. Amazing products, lightweight, easy to prepare and a welcome reward after a long day on the skis.’ – Scott Gilmour, Race Director, ¬†Montane Spine Race

Image copyright Scott Gilmour
Image copyright Scott Gilmour

Scott also runs a Polar Training Programme in Sweden. For more information you can visit his website here. They are working at firming up the dates and making adjustments to the program, so be sure to check back.

Images used with permission from Scott Gilmour