Meet Jenny Davis – From Lawyer to Pro-Athlete

Jenny Davis left to do 400km event (Ultra Trail Gobi Race) in the Gobi region last Friday morning. She will be using Extreme Adventure Food, Extreme Ultra Fuel and Extreme 4:1 Endurance Fuel. She is a big fan of Extreme Ultra Fuel, and Extreme 4:1 Endurance fuel, great products with unique benefits that Jenny appreciates and uses to her advantage.
Jenny has previously won an Ultra event in Iran, and is involved with quite a few other fantastic projects in the Ultra world such as getting women more involved in sport and running the Sahara Training Camp with trainer and Pro-Athlete Mohamed Ahansal (5 time winner of MDS).
Jenny is also on the front cover of Womens running in October, which you can see and read more about Jenny’s journey to being a Pro-Athlete here.

If you’d like to follow along, you can find Jenny on Facebook here and on Twitter @jd_runs where her flatmate will be updating everyone on her progress.