New Extreme Lightweight Multi Day Liquid Food Pack

We’ve recently added a new 250 km multi day pack, our Lightweight Liquid Food pack. These are perfect for multistage races or expeditions where you need to carry all of your food with you.

In the pack is our best selling Liqid food Ultra Fuel and Extreme 4:1 Energy, Endurance, Electrolyte and protein recovery drink. These slowly release high quality energy that starts to take effect after around 6 minutes compared to the normal 35 minutes that other food and energy bars take.

The pack does not include anything for Breakfast on the first day as that does not need to be carried and can be anything you like and does not include afternoon or evening on the last day, as it is a short day, and most will be finished by early afternoon. It is expected that you will supplement with your favourite snacks & treats to meet the Event oranisers rules and regulations.

How we recommend using them are:

  • Day 1              is 2 x Ultra Fuel, 2 x Endurance Fuel
  • Day 2              is 3 x Ultra Fuel, 2 x Endurance Fuel
  • Day 3              is 3 x Ultra Fuel, 2 x Endurance Fuel
  • Day 4 & 5        is 7 x Ultra Fuel, 5 x Endurance Fuel
  • Day 6              is 3 x Ultra Fuel, 2 x Endurance Fuel
  • Day 7              is 1 x Ultra Fuel, 1 x Endurance fuel

Of course you can use any combination you would like, as well as any other food items you bring along. Pack prices are £99.99, saving £20 as opposed to if you were to order individually.

If you need any help with your race or expedition nutrition, our expert staff are always on hand to help.

2-day Mountain Marathon Packs

marathon packIn a mountain marathon you will be in the mountains looking after yourself for 2 days straight. This means carrying your own gear, navigating the course, sorting out your sleeping arrangements, and also means being responsible for your own food. Let us take on the job of planning your food to take with you!

We’ve put together some meaty packs and a vegetarian packs to make packing and carrying your food as easy as possible. Including energy drink sachets, energy bars, a main meal, dessert and breakfast. You get all your nutritional needs from start to finish to keep you going and focused on navigating the trails. With our food being low weight and a compact size, you can fit more of other necessities you may need on your journey.

If you want to put together your own food pack, have a look at our range of meals and snacks that you can order separately.


DofE Expedition Reward Packs

pack_f_meaty_lightweightIf you plan to get your DofE Expedition Reward, we’ve got everything you need to put together a great lightweight and compact size nutrition pack for your challenges, or ready made packs here.

To obtain your award, “you will need to plan, train for and complete an unaccompanied, self-reliant expedition with an agreed aim. You must do the correct training for your level and mode of travel, at least one practice expedition, a qualifying expedition (the one that is assessed) and a final presentation in order to complete the section.Your expedition must be completed by your own physical efforts (but you have loads of choices, not just on foot!) with minimal external intervention and without motorised assistance.  Your route should also be a continuous journey.” (More info from the official site here)

It’s important that you plan out your food as to what you need nutritionally to keep you energised, and also what you can fit in your pack that isn’t too heavy. Our Pack N Go freeze dried meals are low weight and small size meaning you can fit more essentials in your pack without compromising on weight. We also have ready to eat meals that can be eaten hot or cold no matter where you are. All of our one day packs include a breakfast, main meal, dessert, drinks pack with tea, coffee, sugar and creamers, oatcakes, jam, a high energy flapjack and chocolate bar. You can order more than one for longer expeditions, use in combination with our other products or to supplement your own food.

Contact us today for help in putting together a DofE pack and get the right nutrition.



Ready to Eat Meals

bewellhotpack (1)

Ready to Eat meals are beneficial to have on hand or pack to take with you for many reasons. The biggest benefit is that they can be eaten hot or cold, so if you don’t have a way to heat them up you can still enjoy a meal and get the nutrition you need. We sell both ready to eat meals on their own, or that come with a self heating pack. If you see a meal you want that doesn’t come as a package, don’t worry! You can order a flameless MRE heater separately to heat up your meals on the go. The great thing about a ready to eat meal is that you don’t need extra equipment, such as plates, pans or can openers, just tear the pouch open and you’ve got a delicious meal ready for you.

Other ways to heat up your meal include ‘boiling’ the bag in hot water for several minutes, or you can use an alternative heat source such as a radiator or car engine. You must be careful if you are using another heat source that it doesn’t get too hot and melt or even burn the pouch. You should never use an open flame to heat ready to eat meals as the plastic layers of the pouch can melt and contaminate the food inside, and if you use a microwave you must empty the contents onto a plate as the pouch contains aluminium.

The specially designed pouch means all the meals have a long shelf life of five or more years depending on how you store your food pouches. This makes them a great choice to store and keep around in case of emergencies such as floods, power cuts and more. As ready to eat meals are portable and light weight, they are ideal for hikers and campers to keep on hand to toss into their pack for their next adventure. Athletes participating in Ultra Marathons where they need quick meals on the go over several days find they are a great addition to their race kit as they don’t take up a lot of space and give them the nutrition they need.

Whether you are stocking up for emergencies or tossing one in your pack for your next adventure, you know that you will have a delcious tasting meal with our ready to eat meals.

The Benefits of Freeze Dried Meals

Opposed to frozen or dehydrated food, freeze dried food only removes the water content, leaving you with tasty food once you’ve added water back to it. Unlike other methods, freeze dried food retains it’s shape and tastes just as fresh when rehydrated. The freeze drying process removes around 98% of the water from the food, but not the great fresh taste or vitamins and nutrients.

The benefits of choosing these types of foods are

*They are much lighter to pack when you are traveling. Since they are such low weight and a smaller size, they are easy to toss into packs for hiking, camping etc.

*They have a long shelf life. Because the water content has been removed and the food then stored in airtight and moisture-proof packaging, they can be stored for months, and sometimes even years without spoiling.

*They can be stored virtually anywhere. As freeze dried meal packs only need to be stored at room temperature, you can store them virtually anywhere for a ready meal when you need it.

*They don’t just stop at main meals! At Extreme Adventure Food we offer a range of meaty and vegetarian main meals, along with breakfast options and even dessert. So you can have a three course meal throw in your pack or waiting for you at your cabin in the woods.

Extreme Food for Extreme Adventures

extmainAs not everyone has the same needs when it comes to their adventure food, we want everyone to be able to tailor a nutrition plan that’s right for them and their activities. This is why our freeze dried breakfasts, desserts, vegetarian and meaty main meals all come in sizes ranging from 125g and 180g meaning you can mix and match different meals to get the right amount of weight in your packs as well as the right amount of calories.

For bigger appetites or those needing more energy to fuel their adventures, we stock 800kcal  extreme breakfasts, vegetarian and meaty main meals. We also stock 1000kcal main meals for those needing even more energy.

You can fit more in your pack as well since we aim to make our food the lowest weight and most compact size available! For snacks in-between meals we stock Chia Charge flapjacks and Cliff natural energy bars, meaning we are your one stop shop for adventure nutrition!


Rock Climbing Nutrition

When rock climbing, it’s important to think about your nutrition, and exactly what you will need to be consuming to power you through the climb and help your body recover after. Rock climbing is a challenging sport, and can be very damaging to your muscles. Therefore proper nutrition will not only help you be a better climber by giving you the energy when you need it, but also make sure your muscles are taken care of.

There are three stages to think about – Priming, Fuelling, and Recovery.

In the Priming stage you want to make sure you fully hydrate, water being the best way to do this at the recommended one litre or more before your climb. Next you will need to make sure to prime your muscles and take in something that will be a quick source of energy. A good way to do this is with carbohydrates as this helps raise your blood glucose level helping to sustain your muscle endurance. Protein has been shown to minimise fatigue so it’s good to add some form of protein, whether in food or in a gel that can be absorbed quickly.

Next is the fuelling stage during your climb. It’s important to prevent dehydration and remain hydrated, control and reduce any damage to your muscles, and provide a quick source of energy to keep you going. It’s important to keep a balance of both carbohydrates and protein, as studies have shown this to me the most effective at reducing muscle damage. Carbohydrate/protein mix drinks and gels are an effective way to get the nutrition that you need quickly, such as our Ultra Fuel energy 4:1 drinks.

Lastly is the recovery phase. There is a window of 30-45 minutes in which your body is in a heightened state of replenishing muscle energy and protein therefore reducing muscle damage. Within this window you should be rehydrating, and using again a mix of Carbohydrates/Protein in a 4:1 ratio to get the best results.

For more information, take a look at PacificHealth Labs studies and a great table showing what you should be consuming during each phase.

The Power of Protein

500pxIts not just bodybuilders who need to ensure they are getting enough protein. Our bodies are always renewing damaged cells and tissue, especially after your long hard run. To do this athletes need to make sure they have a regular intake of protein.

Protein :
Supports muscle strength and production of power
Aid a healthy immunity system
It is essential fuel to rebuild damaged cells, tissue and muscle after excercise
Typically an average athlete requires 55gms per day, but as you would expect, intensive excercise increases the amount of protein you need.

As a guidline athletes should be looking at 1.8g per Kg of bodyweight, although in some cases up to 2g per Kg of body weight can be beneficial.

If you dont consume enough protein over a period of time, your performance and recovery times will be severley effected. You will notice the following effects :

Reduced muscle tissue
Increased muscle sorness after excercise
Reduced immunity and more frequent body infections
Not all proteins ofer the same level of nourishment.
High quality proteins can be found in : Eggs, Meat, Poutry, Fish, Dairy and Whey
Lower quality proteins can be found in Nuts, Beans and Vegetables

High quality Whey Protein Shakes are a simple and tasty way to boost your protein intake. Especially the High Quality brands such as goprotein, Products like goprotein offer people who take part in extended excercise (such as Runners, Triathletes, Mountaineers, Trekkers and so on) some unique performance benefits.

However not all Whey products have the same quaility of ingredients, so care should be taken to ensure that you are using a high quality specification, GoProtein is the high quality brand that we stock.

When do I take my Protein Shake :

After training, Whey protein has a very quick digestion speed, it isproven to support muscle repair after excercise.

Before Bed / between meals, protein shakes can be a convenient and nutritous drink to take before sleep or between meals, for continued recovery after training.

The goprotein brand comes in both standard and diet versions, with a large choice of flavours.