Arch2Arctic are on their way to Svalbard

On June 14th Arch2Arctic set off on their completely human powered expedition to Svalbard. Two people, running, swimming, cycling and rowing to reach the arctic in aid of UK Scouting.

They’ve already completed the 81 mile run starting in Marble Arch, Central London and finishing in Dover, and are now on to the cycle part of their journey. Starting in Callais they will cycle to Puttgarden, Germany where they will then put their bikes on the ferry and kayak 20km landing in Denmark.

They will then continue to do a mix of cycling and kayaking across Norway and Sweden and land in Tromsø, Northern Norway. This is where they will meet up with their row boat and their 80km row will take place.

On their journey they will be using a mix of Extreme Adventure food to keep them going and for easy, filling meals. The lightweight low profile pouches of our food means they can easily pack them if rowing, cycling, or even running.

You can track their progress on their website here.