Gifts for the Adventurer

Do you know someone who is constantly on the go; climbing mountains, running marathons, scaling cliff faces, rowing across oceans? Well we’ve got a range of items that would make excellent gifts for the adventurer in your life!

Sea to Summit Delta camp set

Sea to Summit Delta Camp Set £17.99

The Delta Camp Set includes all the essentials of camp dinnerware from our Delta series: a plate, bowl, mug and the 3-piece cutlery set. The Protex ™ hex pattern base disperses heat. The set is hard wearing and cut resistant, with an easy hold thumb grip on the bowl and plate.

They come packaged in a gusseted mesh pouch which allows wet dishes to dry and has an easy-to-use drawstring closure.

Esbit Cookware SetEsbit Cookware Set £59.00

Modern outdoor cookware made of extremely light hard anodized aluminium, perfect for mastering even sophisticated menus under the open skies. Frying pan with twisted off bottom and multilayer non-stick coating. Large pots (about 2+2.5 l) with detailed litre/oz scaling, 2 cutting boards, gripper and pot cloth included Set can be stacked into each other. Lid fits on both pots and the pan with convenient mesh carry bag.

MSR Pocket Rocket Lightweight StoveMSR Pocket Rocket Lightweight Stove £26.99

The PocketRocket backpacking stove provides full cooking function in an incredibly efficient form. Barely noticeable in your pack, it delivers impressively in camp. It weighs just 3 oz. (85 g), with palm-sized dimensions: 4 x 2 x 2 in. (10.2 x 5. x 5.1 cm). Boils 1 liter of water in under 3.5 minutes.

Precision flame control goes from torch to simmer while our Wind Clip™ wind shield boosts efficiency in breezy conditions. The PocketRocket stove’s diminutive size is also the foundation of a solid emergency kit for home or trail. Includes hard-shell carry case.

SEA TO SUMMIT X-MUGSea to Summit X-Mug £11.99

The X-Mug is constructed from a flexible, European standard compliant, food grade silicone. A rigid ring within the rim keeps it sturdy to hold onto and easy to drink out of but still allows the mug to be collapsed to a disk that will fit in the palm of your hand! The Nylon ring at the top maintains shape & prevents scalded finger tips.

OMM 25Litre Classic Marathon Pack
OMM 25Litre Classic Marathon Pack £59.99

Used around the world for Mountain Marathons, Extreme Races, Ultra’s, Biking, Hiking, skiing and many other activities – including ascents to the summit of Everest! Includes EVA padded shoulder harness,
Speed opening buckle system for single handed closure and swift access,Removable back padding to achieve lean weight and more. If 25 litres isn’t enough, we also sell a 32 litre pack.Sea to Summit Pocket TowelSea to Summit Pocket Towel from £8.99

The Pocket Towel is a light and compact towel yet still absorbs three times its own weight in water. The knit we use for this towel is very light, making it soft and silky to touch. Woven technical fabric that’s ultra-absorbent and remarkably fast-drying – just wring it out and use it again.

Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Sleeping MatSea to Summit Comfort Plus Sleeping Mat £139.99

Splash out for the most extreme adventurers on this Sea to Summit sleeping mat. It’s dual layer construction provide the most effective system for fine-tuning the level of comfort available in any air mattress today. The two independent high-resolution cell layers give excellent support by distributing your body weight and shape over more cells. The two layers are also offset for more uniform insulation and cushioning. Because the two layers can be pressurized independently, the top layer can be inflated to your personal comfort, while maintaining a high-pressure base layer for protection from rough or uneven terrain. Both layers can be adjusted independently using the fine tune valve to get just the right level of softness and support. Exkin® Platinum fabric is used, a quiet non-woven fabric, to reflect radiant heat loss back to the user and Thermolite® insulation to prevent convective heat loss between your body and the ground.